Overload Relay Test Bench/ Overload Relay Calibration Test Bench


  • Do you manufacture/ assemble Contactors and want to Test Overload Relays in Production ?
  • Are you looking to Expand production capacity of Contactor manufacturing by simultaneously testing multiple contactors ?
  •  Do you want to have Unique barcode to each of your Contactor and also Log its Test results for fututure tracebility and Cusomer Complaint analysis ?
  • Are you looking for Lab purpose Overload Relay Test Bench where you can analyse minute characteristic of your Contactor ?



We offer "PC based Overload Relay Test Bench" to serve all your needs as per IEC 60947 standards.

 Overload Relay Test Bench


"Overload Relay Test Bench"/ "Overload Relay Calibration Test Bench" is capable to perform following tests.

  • Trip Time Measurement - Constant current is flowed using a electronic current source and its "Overload Relay Trip Time" is measured. Its compared with the acceptable band and accordingly, Pass/ Fail is displayed.
  • On/Off Continuity Test - Overload relay is made On and Off automatically in pneumatic fixtures and its closed loop feedback is taken to ensure exact functionning of Overload Relay.


 BiMetal Parallel testing using Machine Vision -

Parallelization of BiMetal is a critical factor in case of Thermal overload relay. We give Machine Vision solution to help operator adjust the BiMetals exact parallel.

Correcting the BiMetals parallel in Thermal Overload Relay, helps to reduce the rejection due to "Trip Time".

Overload Relay BiMetal Parallelization Machine Vision 


  • High Voltage Test/ DiElectric Test
  • Low Voltage or mV Drop Test or Contact Resistance test of Overload Relay

Unique Barcode to each Overload Relay

  • Data Logging against Unique Barcode
  • Excel Report Generation and Data Analysis
  • Low Skill Operator friendly


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