Automobile Industry

NSM Solutions is a pioneer providing Test Benches to Automobile Industries.

We are expertized with Test benches with Robotics.

We offer Automobile Industry Test Benches to serve following requirements -


Effort TestingTorque TestingVibration MonitoringLeakage testing
  • Airvent Effort testing
  • Glove box effort testing
  • Pedal Effort testing
  • Seat Belt Effort testing
  • Latch and Lock testing
  • Manual and Automatic shift Forces
  • Crimp Forces
  • Friction resistance/ Weld quality testing
  • Body mount forces
  • Seat testing


  • Steering Torque testing
  • Power train testing
  • Wheel Torque
  • Brake testing
  • Pump testing
  • Axle testing


  • Engine vibration monitoring
  • Crash tests
  • Air Conditioners vibration monitoring


  • Gauge pressure decay
  • Differential pressure decay
  • Cylinder leak testing
  • Fuel tank leak testing
  • A/C leak testing

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