Barcode for Production Industry

Our Barcode Solutions helps Production Industries to meet international standards and compliances. It helps production industries to keep track of material flow, rework cycles, storage, warehousing, product traceability and more.

Our PC based Barcode Enabled Test Benches are integrated in Production industry so smoothly that higher management gets the insight of overall manufacturing process at a glance.

Barcode technology can be integrated from various levels in the producton process depending on your need and application.

Barcodes can be categorized broadly in following manner -

  1. General Product Barcode - Same barcode to all products of same type.
  2. Unique Product Barcode - Different barcode for all products of same type.
To understand it deeply, Let us take example of a product - "10 Watt bulb". The manufacturer identifies this product by his part number say 'LED10W'. Then, 'General Product Barcode' will have same barcode value for units of "10 Watt bulb". It means that if you scan 5 number of "10 Watt bulb", you will see the same barcode - 'LED10W'. This type of barcode helps only to identify the product and not to identify each one individually. Usually these type of barcodes are used in FMCG products e.g. tooth paste, face powder and even some times medicines etc. These barcodes helps 3rd party inventry software to identify your product. Thats it. GeneralProductBarcode  GeneralProductBarcode

In case of 'Unique Product Barcode', every "10 Watt bulb" will have a unique barcode. That is if you scan 5 number of "10 Watt bulb", you will see different barcode for same 5 products. Usually this uniqueness is introduced by adding serial number in the barcode. e.g. "LED10W0001", "LED10W0002" and so on. Month and Year of manufacturing can also be added in the barcode so that serial number will reset every month and uniqueness can be introduced for lifetime.

This helps to identify each product seperately. These barcodes are helpful for Product Traceability in case of any Customer Complaints or settle Guarantee or Warranty claims.

UniqueProductBarcode1  UniqueProductBarcode2

Following is the example how a barcode technology can be implemented in a typical production industry.

Say there are 10 products which are to be identified with barcode. So let us assign 10 different part numbers to your products.

Step 1 - Immediately after assembly, Operator selects the part number and generate a "Unique Product Barcode" and stick on the product.

Step 2 - Operator goes to Test Bench. He scans the product barcode in the Test Bench and product is automatically tested. Here, Test Bench stores the data that 'ABCD' product barcode has been tested, Its testing parameters are X, Y, Z and this product is Pass/ Fail.

Step 3 - Operator goes to Packing station. He scans the product barcode. This packing station refers the product barcode to Test Bench data. If product was Pass in testing, It will print its Unique Barcoded Test Report which operator will pack along with product in a carton. And also a Carton label will get printed which will be pasted on the Carton by the operator. If the product was not tested or failed during testing, Test report and carton label will not be printed by the system and operator mistake will be avoided.

Here, every product has got unique barcode label along with unique barcoded test report. This will increase your product value and quality multifold.



Advantages -

1. If Product is reworked multiple times, Management will get report from the Test Bench that what was the comman failure and how many times rework was required on the same product resulting time and effort wastage.

2. Because of unique test report for each product, Customer confidence boosts.

3. Test Data and results are stored in Test Bench. So in case of any customer complaint, Its Test Data/ Result can be immediatey fetched from Test Bench against its barcode. Thus, faster analysis and decisions can be taken due to full traceability.

4. No faulty product will get dispatched by human mistakes.

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