AC Current Source

AC Current source is an electronic circuit that delivers an electric current which is independent of voltage across it. Today’s power conversion testing demands programmable, high performance AC current Sources. Our Programmable AC Current Sources are the right solutions to meet complex single and three phase requirements.

AC Current Source 
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 Key Features:

  • Colour Touch Screen User Interface
  • Recipe Management
  • Digital & Analog I/Os for Remote Operation
  • MODBUS over RS485 for Remote Operation
  • Compliant to CE standards
  • CE Compliant AC Currnet Source

Design Specifications:

  • Transformer and Motorized Variac based design, Suitable for Continuous current for long time duration operations.
  • Closed loop system with PID control method for current adjustment.
  • Inbuilt Coarse & Fine Motorized variac for smooth and accurate current setting.


  • From 100A to 8000A having potential 3V to 10V
  • Single Phase and Three Phase

Auxiliary Supply:

  • 110V/ 230V/ 415V
  • Compatible with All Electric grid standards all over the world.

NSM Solutions designs & manufactures AC Current Sources for shop floor, laboratories or in general industrial use.

AC Current Sources are transformer and motorized variac based, they use state of art method for current control. They are deployed with coarse and fine motorized variacs and robust PID control thus implementing a close loop system.

It has got Password protected logins for Recipe management and self calibration. These AC Current Sources having self calibration algorithms resulting reduction in ramp up time. AC Current Sources are having easy to operate color touch screen user interface.

They play vital role in testing distribution panels like MCC (Motor Control Center).

NSM Solutions provide wide variety of AC Current Sources from 100A to 8000A of potential 3V to 10V. They are suitable for continuous operations in harsh industry environment. They are compatible with 110V, 230V and 415V for 50Hz and 60Hz. AC Current Sources are best choice for switchgear manufacturers, laboratories and R & D purposes. These are ideal for conducting many IS/IEC tests including Temperature Rise Test, Thermal Trip Test, Magnetic Trip Test.

In Temperature Rise Test, these are used to deliver constant AC current thorough the electrical product and its temperature is recorded. In Thermal Test and Magnetic Trip Test, these AC Current Sources pump constant AC current through circuit breakers in order to measure their trip time.


Remote operation -

For remote or unmanned operations Digital inputs, outputs and communication bus are provided. With these digital inputs and outputs, remote PLC system can be interfaced to this AC Current Source for controlling and monitoring purpose.

MODBUS over RS485 enables this AC Current Source to be controlled and monitored by Remote PC, PLC HMI and SCADA systems.


Widely used as -

AC Current Source ; Programmable AC Current Source ; Constant AC Current Source ; AC Current Source test equipment ; Lab purpose AC Current Source.


Available Models -

3V 100A AC Current Source

10V 100A AC Current Source

3V 200A AC Current Source

3V 2000A AC Current Source

10V 2000A AC Current Source

5V 5000A AC Current Source

3V 8000A AC Current Source


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