Motor Starter/ Star Delta Starter Test Bench


Motor Starter (Star Delta Starter) Test Bench is a PC based Test Bench having lot of facilities like Unique Barcode, Data Logging, Graph and much more.

Motor Starter Test Bench is a one stop solution for various important parameters of Motor Starter (Star Delta Starter).

Star Delta Starter Test Bench consists of following

  • Star Mode testing
  • Transition Mode testing for overlapping
  • Delta Mode testing

 Salient Features -

  • PC Based Test Bench
  • Unique Barcode to each Star Delta Motor Starter
  • Data Logging i.e. Test Results are stored in PC against unique barcode


It also offers unique facility to measure the Transition time from 'Star' to 'Delta'.

It plots the graphs in order to check whether any Star contactor and Delta contactor are getting overlapped.

This entire testing is done from field connections.



 Star Delta Starter Test Bench

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