• ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) Analyzer
    ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) Analyzer

    Air Circuit Breaker Analyzer - Shunt Release Coil, Tripping Coil, Travel measurement, Contact Bounces and much more...

  • Contactor Test Bench IEC60947
    Contactor Test Bench IEC60947

    PC Based Contactor Test Bench as per IEC 60947 standard

  • Motor Stator Test Bench (PC based)
    Motor Stator Test Bench (PC based)

    Motor Stator Test Bench (Resistance Test, Impulse Winding, Hi-Pot test) - PC based

  • COS EOM Test Setup
    COS EOM Test Setup

    Change Over switching time measurement with barcode automation

  • MCB Testing
    MCB Testing

    MCB Testing. Force Measurement, Trip Testing, Trip Current Measurement...

  • Screw Feeder
    Screw Feeder

    Screw Feeder for material feed rate controlling. Temperature, Material Load, Remote MODBUS panel controlling

  • Size Measurement, Correction
    Size Measurement, Correction

    Size Measurement and Correction

  • Test Panel
    Test Panel

    Test Panel for various electrical and other phenoman parameter measurement

  • C# .NET Software
    C# .NET Software

    .NET based PC software with statistical parameter display, Graphs and other excel report features along with barcode feature