Mechanical Endurance Test Bench

Every manufacturer wants to know how much operations his product can really withstand.

Hence, "Endurance Master" is the solution for it.


"Endurance Master" can operate 2/4/6 number of products simultaneourly for the set number of operations. E.g. 10,000, 20,000, 1,00,000 and so on.

It uses internal UPS supply for its control elements and uses raw Mains supply for test by isolating and regulating it.


ACB Mechanical Endurance
VCB Mechanical Endurance
Contactor Mechanical Endurance
MCB Mechanical Endurance
MCCB Mechanical Endurance


Following are the broad features of it -


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  • Simultaneous 2/4/6 number of ACB/ VCB/ Contactors/ MCB/ MCCBs testing parallely - "Endurance Master" can test 1 to 6 ACBs, VCBs, Contactors, MCBs, MCCBs simultaneously independent to their closing and opening times, pausing and retrying etc. You can also start testing a new breaker while previous is running with its set conditions. This gives ease to user as endurance tests go for months.


  • 24x7 operation - "Endurance Master" has UPS backup for the control element, and it keeps on monitoring the Mains supply. If it finds that Mains supply has failed, automatically testing is paused. And as soon as Mains appears, Test is resumed the same point. Hence, you don't need to worry about power failures etc during the test.


  • Breaker Condition Monitoring - "Endurance Master" can be taught about the Main and auxillary contact continuities along with their temperature conditions. For every close and trip operation, System checks whether breaker is functionning properly. You can also configure it to confirm the failure by retrying automatically.


  • Multiple voltage range/ Configuration testing - "Endurance Master" has option of providing different voltages for its operation for different breakers. I.e. You can test one breaker of 120V, second of 240V and third of 415V simultaneously. Every breaker test can be configured seperately e.g. Close pulse time, sleep time after closing, Opening pulse time, Sleep time after opening, motor charging time and so many other.


  • Data Logging - "Endurance Master" is a PC based setup and uses SQL database for data logging. It logs all the events occurred during the test.
    e.g. when the test was started, when particular breaker got failed, when it was again resumed, when power had failed, when  test resumed automatically, when temperature was risen, how much time did it take to cool down and lots of other.


  • Remote monitoring - "Endurance Master" can also be accessed from any web browser in LAN. There you can monitor the status of all the breaker tests from anywhere in your company and have an eye that tests are being performed well and no human intervension is required.


  • Email Notification - "Endurance Master" can automatically send you email about the status of any event. e.g. power fail, UPS power low, Breaker test fail, Test complete and so on...


In short, "Endurance Master" is a one stop solution to all your worries for Endurance test of your product. Just turn it On and forget it. It will automatically run 24x7 for several months to complete your test.


  • ACB Mechanical Endurance Test Bench Manufacturer Exporter
  • VCB Mechanical Endurance Test Bench Manufacturer Exporter
  • Contactor Mechanical Endurance Test Bench Manufacturer Exporter
  • MCB Mechanical Endurance Test Bench Manufacturer Exporter
  • MCCB Mechanical Endurance Test Bench Manufacturer Exporter

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