Fuse, MCCB Test Bench


  • Thermal & Magnetic Tripping test -
    Tripping action and its time is the function of current passing through it and time for which it is passing. Depending on this, Fuse/ MCCB trips. To test the functionality of these products, current of variable value and for variable time is passed and trippng behaviour is checked.
    In this test, Peak current value which got passed before trippng is important and we measure it using high speed analog cards and plot graphs of current amplitude, continuity vs time.

  • Contact resistance/ mV drop test -
    In this test, Contact resistance is measured to ensure minimum heat losses and longer contact life.

  • Endurance Test -
    Here, MCCB is made On-Off-On-Trip-Reset multiple times and desired functionlity is ensured.

  • Knob Force measurement -
    MCCB knob is assembled mechanically with springs. Hence, In this test, Force is measured for knob On to Off and Off to On. It ensures proper knob assembly and continuity operation.
    In this test, Force vs Stroke is graph is plotted. This test is only availalbe in PC-based test benches.

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