Smart Meter Modules and Cloud Solutions

We believe that whatever gets measured, gets improved automatically. Hence, We have designed and developed Smart Meter Solutions which will convert any conventional meter into a Smart Meter connected to cloud. Our Smart Metering Solutions upload data on cloud servers which can be accessed from anywhere on personal laptop, computer, phones and tablets.

These Smart Metering Modules Solutions for OEMs are industrial grade, state-of-art architecture, robust and reliable.

Our Smart Meter Solutions include GPRS based Smart Meter Modules and Mesh based Smart Meter Modules.

These Smart Metering Modules are fully designed, developed, manufactured, assembled and tested proudly in India. Our Smart Meter Solutions include fully indigenously developed Cloud Software which can be accessed from anywhere on laptop or your android/ apple smart phones.


GPRS based Smart Meter Modules Solutions -

These Smart Metering modules contain SIM card and directly connect to our cloud servers and upload data at set intervals. In case of any difficulty in connecting to cloud server, these Smart Meter Modules store data in its internal memory and upload it when connectivity is established.

Mesh based Smart Metering Modules Solutions -

These Smart Meter Modules Solutions are based on Mesh topology and can cover area up to several kilometers using mesh connections. These are low cost modules and connection is not dependent on any telecom operator.
In this solution, all data is recorded by our Smart Metering Gateway and it uploads the data on cloud server.



Our Smart Meter Cloud Software is hosted on very secured cloud servers of Amazon and Google. Our 24x7 running VPS takes frequent backup and provides fail-safe system to our esteemed clients. Our dedicated server managers keep an eye on our system in all 3 shifts for 7 days a week without a single day holiday, just to ensure that our system shows zero downtime and ensures security.

Our customers get exclusive login access in which you can see recorded data of your meters at just clicks.

Strong MIS reporting makes data more readable and easy to interprete and helps decision makers.



Our Smart Meter Modules can be easily interfaced to any conventional

Energy Meter (will become Smart Energy Meter)

Water Flow Meter (will become Smart Water Flow Meter)

Gas Flow Meter (will become Smart Gas Flow Meter)

Temperature Meter (will become Smart Temperature Meter)

Humidity Meter (will become Smart Humidity Meter)

Pressure Meter (will become Smart Pressure Meter)

and many more...


These Modules' firmware is updated on the fly from our command center without physical interaction with the meter. Our Multi-Layer IoT architecture makes our modules highly secured and risk free.

 SmartMeterGUI 1

SmartMeterGUI 2

SmartMeterGUI 3

SmartMeterGUI 4

Currently we are looking to tie-up or collaborate or joint venture with meter manufacturers and OEMs for the above. We are also interested to customize the solution as per your requirement depending on your volume and scale. If you are interested, feel free to contact us, We are just a call away.

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