ACB, VCB Test Bench


Apart from the regular tests like Thermal, Magnetic, Contact resistance, HV, We offer below special tests for ACBs and VCBs.

  • Spring charging motor current and Time testing - Current, VA, power factor, charging time. Graph of current vs time is also plotted.
  • Shunt release, Tripping coil testing
  • Travel, Speed, Coil Current, Continuity Test -
    This is a consolidated special test conducted for ACB & VCB. This test is available only in PC-based test setups.

    In this test, Complete breaker behaviour is plotted on graphs while closing & opening.

    Graphs are plotted for coil current, All pole continuities, Position of poles i.e. Travel Vs Time.

    From these graphs, following data is obtained -
    1. Peak coil current
    2. Moving Pole speed
    3. Contact Bounces
    4. and much more...

    After this test, Report is generated having all the test results which is usually sent to customer along with breaker.

  • Quick Performance Test -
    Timings are measured for C, O, C-O, O-C & O-C-O.

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